The concept of Marcia’s work is base on an idea of union, strength and evolution. Nature is her inspiration and in the first years, it was representing by figurative forms like fishes, birds, shells and human faces.

Gradually the way of expression became more abstract but the idea of nature forces continues represented by elements rise out from the same essence, interlaced forms that complete each other and interact harmoniously.

Their movement suggests a permanent sprouting, an evolving cycle, and their interaction generate equilibrium and tranquility. Also present are figures that begin and end around themselves in an infinite movement.

Actually, the sculptures represent her strong connection with the unlimited energy of nature. The stones seem to grow out from the earth, in the form of giant plants, rock crystals, rivers and other natural shapes.

The stones are the main material used for the sculptures but Marcia also creates with metal, ceramic and interactive artworks. She had the opportunity to participate on symposiums and workshops overseas and to experience that this global exchange improve the human relations and generates a cycle of learn, change and evolve.